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We are a consulting firm focused on understanding the strategies, tools and techniques that market leaders use to build repeatable product success — the holy grail of business. We studied 50 years of industry research and practical application and then wrote a book about it. We conduct workshops tailored for both technical and non-technical managers. Uniquely, we show these critical thinkers by training how to be creative thinkers and build great product stories.

Ronald Brown

Ronald Brown, Principal

Ron is an author and consultant that specializes in team innovation and creative thinking, especially for technical professionals.

In 2016, his book “Anticipate: The Architecture of Small Team Innovation and Product Success” topped a reading list for “aspiring CEOs” in the Harvard Business Review. In 2017, his book was published in China by Peking University Press. Ron has worked with clients as large as Philips and as small as founder-only startups.

Ron has extensive experience in consumer and technology industries. He started his career at Nestle, and then moved to international ad agencies BBDO and J. Walter Thompson (where he gained an insider’s view of professional creativity and the commercialization of ideas). At JWT, Ron managed the HP computers and printers businesses. As VP Corporate Marketing at Wyse Technology, he gained global channels, distribution and corporate marketing experience. As president of eFax.com, he built and sold one of the fastest growing Internet sites at the time. He has filed patent applications related to consumer electronics devices, created an innovation class at U.C. Berkeley Extension based on his book and speaks at industry events.

Ron is a contributor to Mashable.com and is a founding partner of a nonprofit founded by the Andretti racing family that supports STEM education.

Harvard Business Review
Selected for "Aspiring CEOs" reading list.

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